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Game of Love with Jessica Smith

Jan 8, 2020

It is officially a new year, a new decade and with that comes new hopes of dreams coming true. 


Which means that half of you listening are very much in need of a good year and a good decade and the other half of you are looking to keep that good momentum moving forward in having an even more stellar year. 


With a lot of our new years’ resolutions and goals we can put a plan in place to make them happen but when it comes to finding love, we just hope for the best.


If it happens, it happens.


Can you imagine if you said I’m going to lose 20 pounds and you just hoped for the best, still eating the same food, not working out - that’s ridiculous, right? We make a plan, we execute it, we change habits, we implement new things to achieve our goals.


So why don’t we treat our love life the same?


In this episode, I'm sharing my five things you must do this year if you want to find love. We are not leaving love to chance. This year, it’s different. We are taking the reigns, making changes and taking action.


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